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Building your own 3d printer from parts

Discussion in 'HNGamers Presents' started by thevisad, Nov 30, 2015.

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    Have you wanted your own 3d printer, but have balked at the prices that are listed on sites? Would you prefer to buy the parts yourself and assemble your own printer? This is the same thing that I have done for the past year. I have sourced, identified, tested and finally assembled a 3d printer from the parts I identified. In doing so, I learned a great deal about not only 3d printers, but the electronics and building process of the machines as well.

    In the google sheets link listed below you will be able to find all of the parts and costs associated with a DIY 3d Printer. At the end of the printer build, you will have a working 3d printer that is better then any piece of equipment you could purchase at the same cost and you will know how to repair and upgrade the printer. You could start out with the cheap build and then upgrade the individual parts as you move along.

    Where available, I listed part numbers and locations where it was obtained.
    HNGamers Hackossel - Google Sheets Site URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19wX0LrNI79u3KSJxnuyUjF13pH0oCb-5mf5nQLiWJZM/edit#gid=0&vpid=A1

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