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What do skills affect? why this, of course!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by thevisad, Nov 11, 2014.

By thevisad on Nov 11, 2014 at 11:02 PM
  1. thevisad

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    The skill system is a unique system built into Unleashed by Xyberviri which allows us to expand the possibilities. There is virtually no limit in the system. This provides us a quick and easy way to save massive amounts of data per player, while only updating what is needed, when it is needed.
    • The over all stat that you obtain for doing things in the world. You will require 100 experience per level to advance to the next skill level. As you increase in overall level, the amount of experience provided for a particular skill set diminishes.
    • The amount of meat gathered per animal increases based on your hunting level.
    • Increases the amount of animals that spawn for you, thereby increasing your hunting opportunities.
    • Directly affects the visual and audible aspects of your character, lowering the chance they can be seen and heard by zeds by up to a quarter at the higher levels.

    • Controls the amount of blood you are able to blood bag yourself with. This increases at 40 per level to a maximum of an additional 4000 points of blood at max Medical level.
    • Directly controls the amount of time it takes to do a transfusion.
    • Internal aspects of this attribute provide protection against infections during events that break the skin. Since you have knowledge of medical aspects, it is assumed you will understand the risks of open wounds and tend to them.

    • This is an internal stat that determines how long you are immune to disease once you have consumed antibiotics. This prevents reinfection for a determined amount of time per antibiotics consumed.
    • This skill affects the time it takes to pick locks, lowering them from 30 seconds to 3 at the max skill level. This affects spawned loot objects as well as garage lock picking.
    • Since you are more familiar with tools and the way things work, you have less of a chance to break tools while working on vehicles.
    • Affects the number of building cycles that it takes to build a buildable object.

    • Directly relates to limiting player tackles by zombies and dogs, providing an additional 28 seconds of protection from tackles, once tackled.
    • Directly relates to the amount of time that a player is knocked out. At max skill level (100) it halves the amount of time that you will be knocked out for.
    • This directly affects the weight limit that you can carry.

    • This directly affects the players temperature, preventing it from lowering too quickly.
    • This directly affects the players thirst levels, effectively halving your need for water.
    • This directly affects the players food levels, effectively halving your need for food.
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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by thevisad, Nov 11, 2014.

    1. Kelley
      Will we be getting points for ai kills? If you have negative humanity will you still get the same points?
    2. thevisad
      Yeah you should be getting points for ai, I may have accidentally removed that if you are not still getting that.
    3. Little Bird
      Little Bird
      About the leveling.
      I think it is around 100 points of XP to gain a level roughly.
      Even getting the best XP by refueling a vehicle for 20-30 mins to get around 30 to 50 levels is daunting especially with the xp curve at higher levels. I am not sure it is possible to get level 100 in a single skill with the xp curve as it is.

      The bleed rate from zombie melee is VERY high.
      The knockdown is still there but somewhat manageable with the combat skill limiting the knockdown.

      I am asking to make it easier to level considering the life expectancy being at 50 minutes.
      With the added Ai vehicles with Launchers and missles this can lower the life expectancy even further.
      Xp for killing the Ai would be awesome.

      Let me go Super Saiyan even if its only for a few mins.

      Thank you for your time,
      Little Bird
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